Akin – Repetition as the Foundation of Nature

By Melz Design

Patterns are what give nature its order, this is what human kind constantly strives to harness in an attempt to create order through enduring repetition.

This walnut mosaic continues Melz-Design’s investigation into our relationship with nature, how we respond to and reflect on it whilst, give our inseparable position with in nature, not only representing, but also trying to control and shape it.

Individuals and nature have a reciprocal relationship with both leaving its impression on the other and in so doing gazing into the walnut mosaic piece leaves us with impression that the natural, but engineered formation of the wooden patterns offer a mirror into our own human experience and desires.

The title of this project; Akin represents this theme in a number of ways. It refers not only to the properties that each carefully placed section of the mosaic share with the section that go before and come after it, but also refers to both human kind’s kindred but often divergent place in the natural world. With nature being fundamentally inseparable from the human spirit. Further the material itself is form a walnut tree that grew next to the workshop in Bavaria, home to the generations of master craftsmen in the Melz family who’s skill and knowledge have made such a masterpiece possible. This accentuates not only the close personal tie the designer has with the work, but further to bring the viewer deeper into the dynamic combination of man made and natural geometry present in this work.